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Dr. Milton Sommerfeld has made friends with algae. He knows many strands by name. He lives among them, tests them, gets to know them inside and out. His wife even makes algae cookies! Dr. Sommerfeld sees tremendous potential in algae as a source for new energy. As his research progresses, his hope grows. With the proper strain, we may see algae supplant the need for petroleum. 

ASU's EcoCar3 Competition

This is ASU’s first time competing in the EcoCar (3) Competition sponsored by Argonne National Labs. The program consists of a  multi-disciplinary team competing over a course of 4 years to take part in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition. Team membership allows students to earn credit toward their degree and gain hands-on experience in the automotive industry setting.

ASU's EcoCar3 Collaboration Video With VSCCC

As an element of their program for competition, ASU’s EcoCar3 program is filmed a collaboration video between their organization and Valley of the Sun Clean Cities. We are working together to promote the need for more energy efficient vehicles and are delighted to be featured as a contribution to their road to success.

Mesa Public School District: Leading the Future of Alt-Fuel Use

The Mesa School District has generated impressive results from their trials of Propane powered School buses. Lower fuel costs and reduced maintenance -- combined with the goals of cleaner air and energy independence has pushed the decision to replace their fleet of 500 diesel units with the new propane powered buses. They have also installed a 18,000 gallon tank at their site. The first 89 propane buses are now successfully in operation. For more information on Mesa Public School District please see video posted provided by
Valley Metro - United State's Largest Natural Gas Bus Fleet

The transit bus system for the Greater Phoenix area, continues to expand their use of CNG. The latest purchase of CNG vehicles include the new European-style, transit buses which also include overhead racks and tilt-back seats. The transition from diesel now numbers some 800 natural gas powered vehicles.
Elio Motors

Phoenix based Elio Motors has found a way to use the mileage efficiency of a motorcycle in a three wheeled automobile (stated 84mpg, with HOV access). This new unit features air conditioning, a rear seat and trunk storage. Prototypes are being displayed at VSCCC events here in Phoenix and metro areas across the country. Elio has orders with deposits for over 35,000 units. Learn more at: Elio Motor

GoE3 Electric Highway 

GoE is Arizona's push towards the Electric Highway. The Electric Highway creates an opportunity for electric vehicle enthusiasts to make the trek  between Tucson and Phoenix without worry about their next recharge.  A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on December 8, 2012 that turned out a crowd of multiple electric car enthusiasts state wide. Those who arrived did so in a variety of electric vehicles: two Chevrolet Volts, two Mitsubishi i-MiEVs, one all-electric VW conversion, a Nissan Leaf, two Tesla roadsters and two Tesla sedans. Among the enthusiasts was  Arizona's very own  Secretary of State Ken Bennett. Bennett arrived not as a driver but as a passenger in one of the new 2013 Tesla Model S sedans. According to Secretary of State Ken Bennett “This is just the beginning of the emergence of the electric vehicle as an element in breaking our addiction to oil,”. The Electric Highway is now completed and includes charging stations in Phoenix, Casa Grande, Picacho Peak, Marana and Tucson.
Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles eliminate the hassle of going to a gas station, getting an oil change, and the routine powertrain maintenance of a combustion motorcycle. The new line of cutting edge electric motorcycles is here. Zero Motorcycles are not only sleek and eco friendly, they are a great investment. The average cost per mile of electricity is $0.01 with an average refueling cost of $1.72, with a full charging yield up to 185 miles city range. The Zero Motorcycle also packs a punch reaching a top speed of 102 MPH. Zero Motorcycles can be found at Grand Canyon Cycles in Mesa, AZ where they have four different Zero Motorcycle models available for retail.  Learn more about Zero Motorcycles Here!

Frito Lay

Frito Lay is leading the way with fuel efficient delivery trucks. By the end of the year 2014 they had 278 electric vehicles spread out through the country, thus eliminating the need of gasoline by 500,000 gallons. Not only is the eco-friendly company invested in electric vehicles, they are also investing further into compressed natural gas vehicles. Frito Lay has successfully eliminated 46,418 metric tons of carbon emissions due to their new investments in compressed natural gas vehicles. Frito Lay is committed to delivering quality products as well as quality purpose. By becoming eco-friendlier Frito Lay believes they will not only help their company but also the environment around them. Learn More about Frito Lay here!