Join Valley of the Sun Clean Cities

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.25.48 PMValley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition (VSCCC) is working to lessen commercial and public use of petroleum fuel in order to reduce air pollution and promote greater energy security.

With the help of members and sponsors, our community efforts are working! In 2012 Phoenix was the most effective metropolitan area in the U.S. for displacement of petroleum fuel consumption with CNG, LPG, biodiesel, electricity, and other alternatives (51 million gallons). We are number one!VSCCC is one of 85 U.S. coalitions chartered by the U.S. Department of Energy under the Energy Policy Act and the Clean Air Act serving Maricopa, Coconino, Mohave, Yavapai, and La Paz counties.

We need your support. Our grant from DOE has been cut significantly, and so we need you as a member or sponsor to keep VSCCC as the most effective and efficient coalition in the U.S.



Our efforts are effective, and we would like you to be a part of the team that is:

  • Reducing health risks associated with vehicle emissions, particularly in urban communities
  • Improving the quality of life for our community and our families
  • Providing energy independence not just from foreign oil — but from fuel supply mishaps as we experienced last fall
  • Making the Valley of the Sun a more inviting tourist destination. Clean air is a vital component in attracting tourist here to the Valley.


Through dedication of our team members, Maricopa County is:

  • A leading county in the use of alternative, “American” fuel. This single county now consumes 15 million gallons of “American” fuel annually – including over 10% of the U.S.’ total vehicular natural gas consumed yearly.
  • The home of the largest U.S. user of Liquefied Natural Gas
  • The home of the largest U.S. user of Biodiesel
  • The home the leading U.S. airport in the use of American Fuel
  • The home of the largest U.S. municipal police fleet using Compressed Natural Gas
  • A U.S. leader in the use of Clean American Fuel, displacing 50 Million gallons of petroleum fuel

A great deal has been accomplished, but a greater potential lies ahead. We must also remember that as this dynamic community grows — so does the challenge of maintaining environment and public health. We need your support and effort to take on these challenges! Since the reemergence of the Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalitionsix years ago, three of our members have been awarded recognition as National Partners by the US Department of Energy National Clean Cities Program – three more have been cited for honorable mention. How can you participate? More than just the nominal dues contribution, there are a variety of ways to become involved. First, we would be happy to welcome you or a designee to participate in our meetings and activities. Our members are the very best source of information regarding various transportation technologies that provide advantages for your own operation. You may be able to provide a venue for meetings or displays, as well participate in presentations. This is a proactive organization. The strength of our group was is a testament to our members. Join us today and make a difference for your community!