Clean Cities Past Events

On March 14th, Arizona Clean Cities was on 17th Ave in front of the Capitol hosting the Advanced Fuel Vehicle Car Show. This show presented all different types of advanced fuel vehicles from electric to CNG. We had three Tesla vehicles, a Valley Metro CNG Bus, a Mesa propane school bus, and many other cutting-edge vehicles. Having a food truck within the display helped bring the legislators and their staff through the display and draw attention to the vehicles. We estimated attendance at more than 600 interested participants. 

We had many booths with our members showing what they are doing to further the use of advanced fuel and technology.

We honored the 22 Tribes of Arizona as Clean Air Champs and had a display in the middle of the show recognizing their accomplishment as true stewards of the land.

Valley of the Sun Clean Cities held a stakeholder meeting hosted by RONN Motor Group, Inc. Ronn Ford, Chairman, and CEO of RONN Motor Group, Inc., shared advancements in all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology, why it’s the way of the future, how it will soon be an integral part of our everyday lives. Valley of the Sun is happy to have RONN Motor Group, Inc. as a member and is very excited to see the future of this technology!


On October 25th N4POWER's  Rudy Garcia, VP Sales & Marketing presented the latest technology that allows full A/C+ without idling-- with a briefcase size battery pack. During the meeting, N4Power had one of their vehicles sitting curbside with full A/C running, without idling. 

Following N4Powers presentation, there was also had a presentation by Bill Pfeifer, President & CEO American Lung of the Southwest. He gave a review of the health effects of toxic exhaust emissions beyond the future effects of CO2.

N4Power Website:
American Lung Association Website:

On June 20th stakeholders gathered to learn about the new advances in electric vehicles and their charging units. To begin there was a Ride-and-Drive consisting of a Chevy Volt and the all-new Chevy Bolt. Stakeholders were encouraged to test out the vehicles and view a charging demonstration with SkySong’s brand-new ChargePoint charging unit. Following the Ride and drive, stakeholders sat-in on presentations by ChargePoint, Verdek, Berney Kullos of Courtesy Chevrolet.

The Greater Phoenix area had an alternative fuel vehicle display at the North Scottsdale Wal-Mart parking lot on April 20th. The National Alt-Fuel Odyssey has been sponsored by the University of West Virginia each year for the past 7-years.  The Odyssey is a display of the cutting edge alternative fuel vehicles.  The displays are opened simultaneously April 20th in some 90 cities across the US by the respective Clean Cities Coalitions.  

Vehicles on display included: an All-Electric BMW, a host of hybrid vehicles including GM, Electric & Propane Buses, E-85 Ethanol powered police car, Biodiesel powered truck, CNG powered UPS trailer.

Valley of the Sun Clean Cities coordinated an alternative fuel vehicle display at the bi-annual convention of Fleet Pros on March 24th at the SRP PERA Club.  There was a full scope display of Clean Fuel vehicles as well as BMW and Tesla ride-along opportunities for the Fleet Operators attending the convention.

The latest in alternative fuel equipment, including electric charging stations, propane fueling systems, and compressed natural gas systems were all discussed on March 1st at the ASU SkySong Campus. Featured presenters included World CNG (introduced by Southwest Gas), CNG of ChargePoint, Blue Star Gas, and Ferrellgas.

As the success of CNG and LPG grows, what is in-store for the next 5-years? The future of gaseous fuel engines and vehicles was discussed at the ASU SkySong campus on December 15th. The bottoms-up redesign of these engines has created a Tsunami of change. Product line extension is continuing to develop. There were OEM’s on hand from Cummins, Roush & Westport to present their engines.

On November 15th, Key Fleet Operators gathered for a round table discussion and shared their successes in reducing vehicle emissions and the use of petroleum fuel.

Who knew that commercial mowers can create as much as 30% of harmful emissions?  To address this rather unknown source of pollution VSCCC staged a "mow-off" at the SRP PERA Club.  New propane mowers and related golf course equipment were demonstrated as well a mower converted to propane.     

The propane powered units have even greater power and far less pollution.  The prices of equipment and the fuel vs. gasoline powered equipment presented a compelling case.

The future of new technologies was hosted at a Scottsdale meeting by Valley of the Sun Clean Cities  

The meeting featured:

  • Certified CNG from Biogas generation at landfills and wastewater treatment by Untapped Fuels 
  • Idle Air define their Truck Stop Idle Reduction package
  • Virtual Pipeline technology by  Verdek and NeoGas
  • All-Electric transit buses from BYD
  • Renewable Diesel from the City of Phoenix and VSCCC

The meeting also introduced the new membership of the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona. 

Indian Fry bread was served in recognition of 21 Arizona Tribes  

Mesa, AZ was chosen as one of the stops along the Sea to Shining Sea Road Rally- An unprecedented coast-to-coast trip was completed running a newly converted propane powered Ford F-150  from Blossman Services.  Fuel was provided by Alliance AutoGas.  The cross-county began in Jacksonville Florida to Santa Monica California – then up to Seattle Washington and back to Kansas City.

On Wednesday, May 18th, Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition held a meeting at the SkySong Campus to discuss the propane opportunities in the off-road sector of the industry including small propane engines, generators, vehicles, and lawn mowers. VSCCC welcomed fleet managers, maintenance, landscape maintenance personnel, golf course warehouse and related management to attend and learn about a large overlooked source of pollution and be introduced to propane equipment. The first ever OEM produced Propane powered Ford F-150 by Westport was on display. An accredited propane conversion company that up-fits existing units and a local propane lawn mower manufacturer was also present at the meeting to discuss conversion potential.

On Friday April 22nd, VSCCC participated in Grand Canyon National Park’s Earth Day celebration. VSCCC participates in the event every year with a display table, along with approximately 30 other environmentally focused organizations. The entrance fee to the park is waved for the Earth Day Celebration event and attracts hundreds of visitors. The Grand Canyon National Park proudly operates 32 tour buses running on clean burning natural gas. The park also generates a great deal of their electricity through solar panels located in key areas throughout the park. What better place to celebrate Earth Day? A special thanks to Enterprise for providing a Prius free of charge to take to the event.

Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition celebrated its bi-annual legislative event and vehicle display on April 12th. Our Legislative Event featured speakers including the Arizona Secretary of State, the Mayor of Tucson, the Director of the American Lung Association, and the Director of the Maricopa Air Board.  Awards were also be presented to Legislators and Staff, recognized as Clean Air Champions. Our alt-fuel vehicle display featured cars such as Tesla's Model X, the new Chevy Volt among other various makes and fuel types. 


On February 17th,Valley of the Sun Clean Cities welcomed experts from the EPA  Region 9 to to define and introduce the new Tier 3 2017 Emission Standards.  There was also discussion of  additional information on diesel programs and grant potentials. Below you can find a link to the presentations from the meeting.

Tier 3 Presentation for VSCCC
Workshop for VSCCC

BYD stopped by Valley of the Sun Clean Cities in order to present its vast and impressive line of electric vehicles. BYD is a vehicle manufacture whose electric buses feature a range of over 200 miles. The display included a demonstrations as well a presentation from BYD on the scope and details of these, Made in America, all-electric vehicles.

To take a look at BYD's presentation click here!

ASU EcoCar3 Event: Sponsored by Courtesy Chevrolet 

On August 27, 2015, Valley of the Sun Clean Cities and ASU'S EcoCar3 program hosted an event where the team introduced their project for the upcoming school year. EcoCar3 is a competition sponsored by Argonne National Laboratories and GM where 14 universities are chosen to modify a 2016 Camaro in order to make it more efficient in terms of milage and emissions. 
National AFV Day Odyssey Event 

Phoenix, Arizona at the Gateway Community College Campus celebrated the use of alternative fuel and the advancement of technology vehicles to improve the environment and lessen the dependence on foreign oil during its National Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Day Odyssey event. This event also highlighted the contribution that Alternative Fuel Vehicles can make in the event of an interruption of conventional motor fuel availability. Odyssey is one of many events that was held across the United States and internationally. National AFV Day Odyssey is a biennial event created and coordinated by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) at West Virginia University.
On November 30th, Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition hosted an all-day training meeting sponsored by the National Fire Prevention Association at the ASU SkySong Campus.  
This important meeting was structured to bring Fire Fighter first responders up to date on best practices for responding to a crash of alternative fuel vehicles:  Electric, Compressed Natural Gas and Propane.